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  • Prompt 1: “Tell the story of a significant friendship in your life, and explore how the small decisions and actions you took together had far-reaching effects on your life trajectory. 

  • Prompt 2: "Talk about a time where you experienced a “Sliding Doors” moment in which it seemed like a seemingly insignificant moment led to a major fork in your life. You could possibly consider how different your life might be if you had made a different choice."

  • Prompt 3: “Even strangers can influence our lives. Tell the story of a chance encounter with a stranger that had a profound impact on your life.”

  • Prompt 4: “You possess a magical compass that can guide you through time and space. However, you soon realize that every decision has a butterfly effect on the future, and you must now choose carefully how to use the compass.”

First Place Winner Prompt 2

"Escaping the Rabbit Hole"
Jendrich Quiambao

Second Place Winner Prompt 1

"Wilting Flowers"

Haneen Maree

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