Writing to Inspire People & Communities


   The AUS Writing Center’s Inkblot Journal is back for Spring 2021 with the timely theme: Writing to Inspire People and Communities!


   During this time of online learning, we asked our readers to reflect on the possibilities of writing to connect individuals and communities in a meaningful way. Students across AUS sent us diverse pieces ranging from research papers to thoughtful essays to diary entries and even poetry. 

   How can writing inspire people and the communities they operate within? In what ways has writing impacted our readers and how did the recent events prove to be an inspiration? How did writing become an essential tool in overcoming crises like the COVID-19 pandemic? Keep reading this year's issue to find out more about our students' perceptions of how writing can inspire people and communities as they explore the dynamic possibilities of the writing practice and share personal experiences to inspire others, and maybe their writing might inspire you too.

   Staying truthful to its tradition, this issue of the Inkblot Journal features reports of the Writing Center’s accomplishments during the past year and reviews of seven conducted workshops. Additionally, it spotlights the research of three students regarding the use of the writing center by STEM students, the extent to which mandatory visits enhance writing development, and the impact of the primary use of sign language on academic writing skills respectively. Lastly, the issue pays tribute to our graduating tutors who share tips, experiences, and memories from their work at the Writing Center, while others recommend this year's most impactful reads. 

   We hope that you find this year's issue as encouraging, fascinating, and inspiring as we did. Make sure to also check out the Writing Contest 2021 winners!

Happy reading!

Konstantina Spyropoulou

On behalf of the Spring 2021 Inkblot team

Meet The Team: Spring 2021

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