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   The AUS Writing Center’s Inkblot Journal is back for Spring 2020 with an exciting new theme: Friendly places!


   During this semester's time of change and self-discovery, there could not possibly be a better fitting theme than that of writing in self-isolation. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, we asked our readers to reflect on the impact the change of space has had on their writing. Students from across AUS sent us pieces of thoughtful essays on “Friendly Spaces” for writing and revealed the intriguing ways in which the home quarantine has infused in the writing practice. 

   Has writing changed at all during this time of social distancing? To what extent has it affected concentration and productivity? What role does the writing space play in the quality and theme of writing? Keep reading to find out more about our writing students' observations in this semester's Inkblot issue as they explore the importance of writing space and acknowledge ways we can create friendly spaces in writing.

   In this issue, you will also find a report about the Writing Center’s efforts to remain open during this time by transitioning to online learning, the challenges both writing students and Writing Center staff faced, as well as how these efforts were received. You can learn more about us through student-based research about student interaction with help-seeking and our Writing Center.

   Lastly, be sure to check our “Graduating Tutors” section where tutors share their experiences and memories from their work at the Writing Center. 

Happy reading!


Our writing center: spring 2020


Graduating tutors

The Writing Center has been literally my second home for the past 2 years. This last year I used to spend more than 10 hours a day in it, either studying, working on assignments, or mostly just chilling. So when I say I'll miss this place when I graduate it's an understatement. During my time in the Writing Center, I met the most amazing friends. At this point, they have become my family. I am an international student and honestly, I didn't feel the same home vibes in any other place but the Writing Center. I'll miss everyone and the place so much. Hope to meet you all soon. Take care.

Loay Kamel

It is very difficult to put my Writing Center experience into words, but I’ll give it a shot. Working at the Writing Center was one of the most special on-campus experiences! It is one of the most welcoming and productive places in AUS. Some things I will miss the most are spending time with my super friendly colleagues, our game nights and movie nights, and of course the tutoring itself and the resulting feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction after a great session! Ending the semester during this current crisis feels strange and I wish I could have spent more time at the writing center. Nevertheless, I am very grateful for the opportunity to work here and make so many unforgettable memories over the last three semesters! I wish everyone in the Writing Center all the very best.

Krisha Doshi

As soon as I heard about the AUS Writing Center and the work that goes on there in my freshman year, I was certain it was the place for me. Having spent five semesters working for the Writing Center – and donning several hats during the process as a tutor, a fellow, a social media manager, a workshop presenter, etc. – some of the most salient memories of my undergraduate life are from the Writing Center. I identify myself as an observer first, a learner next, a writer third, and then a tutor, and the Writing Center provided me ample room to flex all these muscles. Furthermore, my other responsibilities at the Center helped me shape and refine varied dimensions of my personality. I have come to see that working at the Writing Center liberated me; despite the occasional curveball tossed my way, it allowed me to share ideas and stories with my tutees and colleagues – a routine I greatly cherish. My experience at the AUS Writing Center has been immensely valuable; I have no doubt that it has, and will continue to, go a long way in shaping my identity.

Krishea Aswani

Meet The Team: Spring 2020

Konstantina Spyropoulou

Executive Editor

Renad Hamouda


Laila Mostafa


Maria Eleftheriou

Faculty Adviser

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