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2022 ISSUE

"Your Mind And Body"

   The AUS Writing Center’s Inkblot Journal is back with the timely theme: "Your Mind And Body"!


   This year we have been gradually making our return from online or hybrid modes of learning to an almost entirely face-to-face setting, with many events even taking place in person. How have we managed this transition? How do we balance all of the new activities in our daily lives? What responsibilities do we have? Why do we have them? What motivates us to keep moving forward? What are we moving towards? There are many questions worthy of asking in life, some even setting off temporary existential crises. Yet, reflecting and writing about these questions may help avert the crisis by navigating through it in a healthier manner. 

   As you navigate through the pages of this e-journal, see how our students explored these questions in writing by reading the posts under the "2022 Submissions" heading below or by clicking on the tab from the site menu. You can also read relevant research papers our students composed over the year on emotional wellbeing at the writing center, the experience of tutoring as an introvert, and therapeutic writing, under the "2022 Student Research Articles" tab. 


We are also delighted to feature our two "Writing Contest Spring 2022" winners who were inspired by the three prompts below: 

  • Prompt 1: It has been said that the truth is often stranger than fiction. Write about an experience you had that was so strange others might think you made it up.

  • Prompt 2: In real life, good doesn't always triumph over evil. Write a sinister ending to your favorite fairytale.

  • Prompt 3: People are often their own biggest critics. Think about a challenging experience in your life. Imagine your present self as an observer of that experience, and write about what you think of your response to that challenge.

   Be sure to also check out our feature on this year's tutor graduates under the "2022 Tutor Graduates" tab.

   We hope that you find this year's issue as encouraging, fascinating, and inspiring as we did. 

Happy reading!

The Inkblot Team



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