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Welcome to the Inkblot Journal webpage!


The Inkblot Journal started as a Writing Center Newsletter for the AUS Writing Center in 2011 and has been published twice a year ever since.  An initiative of the AUS Writing Center staff, the Inkblot Journal aims to provide its readers with writing advice as well as give them the opportunity to explore the dynamic world of writing.  It involves the participation of writing enthusiasts from across campus and all majors, and this diversity is reflected in its content. Its goals have remained the same since its humble beginnings, yet Spring 2019 was a pivotal point in its history: the Inkblot Journal turned digital and is now ready to reach out to new readers and approach different concepts. 

As you browse around this website, make sure to look at past Inkblot issues, read the current issue themed "Your Mind And Body", and discover the activities of the AUS Writing Center and its tutors. Exciting news related to writing and the AUS Writing Center will soon follow, so make sure you visit us again soon! 


Meet The Team: 2022


Konstantina Spyropoulou

Executive Editor & Designer

Amaan Siddiqui white bg_edited.jpg

Mohammad Amaan Sidiqqui


Maria Eleftheriou

Faculty Adviser

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