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Dear Students,

Since March 2020, we have been gradually making our return from online or hybrid modes of learning to an almost entirely face-to-face setting, with many events even taking place in person. How have we managed this transition? How do we balance all of the new activities in our daily lives? What responsibilities do we have? Why do we have them? What motivates us to keep moving forward? What are we moving towards? There are many questions worthy of asking in life, some even setting off temporary existential crises. Yet, reflecting and writing about these questions may help avert the crisis by navigating through it in a healthier manner. 

We are delighted to extend our call for submissions for the Spring 2022 issue of Inkblot, the Writing Center Journal. Our theme for the year is “Your Mind and Body.” Anything that can be connected to this theme is fair game! This connection may range from biological papers, scientific approaches, works on mental health, spirituality, and much more. The above are some ideas you could write about or even research. You could write anything ranging from personal essays, reflections, diary entries, blogs, and even research papers. If you have already written about this theme for courses, you can also submit your coursework.

Your writing should not exceed 1500 words (Times New Roman 12 double spaced, including references).

Please let us know if you have any questions. Hoping to hear from you soon!


Happy Writing,

The Writing Center Staff

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