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The popular, well-loved AUS Writing Center journal is back for Spring 2021 with an exciting new theme: Writing to Inspire People & Communities. You can read the latest issue under the tab "Latest Issue (Spring 2021)".

Read the Call for Submissions for Spring 2021 Below:


As we approach closer to the first anniversary of shifting completely to online learning, it is important to reflect on the impact it’s had on us. Not only did it affect our style of learning, living, and working, but it changed the way we look at our surroundings. We live in a world that is slowly but surely transitioning into a fully globalized atmosphere, helping us connect with people and communities around the world. The year 2020, considered a controversial and a hurricane of a year, exposed us to many important movements that helped us reassess core values such as humanity, justice, and kindness.

Amidst the chaos caused by the pandemic, the heightened responsibilities of essential workers such as doctors, educators, government officials, and many more have made headlines almost daily. However, professions such as writing can play a massive role in bringing together individuals and communities, especially during a time like the present.

How can writing inspire people and the communities they operate within? Has writing impacted you or the people around you? What recent event inspired you or triggered a passion within you? Is writing an essential tool to overcome crises like the pandemic? These are some ideas you could write about or even research. You could write anything ranging from personal essays, reflections, diary entries, blogs, and even research papers.

Our call for submissions is open to all AUS students. This is your opportunity to have your work published on our Inkblot Journal Website (https://www.theinkblotjournal.com/)!

Please note that the deadline for submissions is April 15th at 5 pm, and your writing should not exceed 1500 words (Times New Roman 12 double spaced, including references). Please entitle your submission “Inkblot Submission” and send it to writingcenter@aus.edu.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by writing to writingcenter@aus.edu.

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