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To Our Tutor Graduates, Thank You

By Konstantina Spyropoulou

Closing the chapter “University” is in itself bittersweet and ripe with emotion, and having to say goodbye to fellow tutors and friends at the Writing Center every semester is filled with its own measure of joy and sadness. Every ending has the right to be bittersweet. I say this to Manaswi as we reminisce about our first-ever tutorial at the Writing Center, remembering the moments of agitation and eager expectation associated with our first sessions as tutors. “We’ve grown quite a lot since then”, she says and I nod in agreement, nudging away the unnerving remembrance of how fast time has flown. Many sessions and one pandemic later, we both agree that the Writing Center has taught us so much.

“I will miss this place”, I remember Amani saying after she had completed her final session at the Writing Center, “it’s hard to let it go, even though I was here for only one semester.” I know how she feels. I dread the moment when, as my final theatrical act, I’ll have to conduct my last tutorial session and let the curtain fall behind. And yet, every semester, fellow tutors and friends graduate and bow to their outstanding performance as tutors at the Writing Center. And we ecstatically congratulate them.

Fellow tutors, this article series is a tribute to you, and the vitality you brought to the Writing Center. Working with you was a sheer delight, and we will forever cherish the memories we made together. We spent days getting to know you, learning your nuances, hopes, loves, interests, and ideas. You have become our colleagues, workshop partners, partners-in-crime, and friends. We thank you, Heba, Manaswi, Sherazi, Butch, Amani, Furat, and Eeman for your contributions to our wonderful community and your services to the students, and although we will miss you, we are excited for the beginning of a new chapter in your lives.

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