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Dear Society

By Shahad Bin Hammad

Oh dear society,

the standards you've set

Oh society, standards that can't be met

Like thousands of weights dropped on our head

If we do none, we receive a threat, Of discrimination and words

of hate you said

Oh dear society in our line of sight

Wherein two flowers lie in the darkness of the night

Lying in despair-not treated right

One drops in silence a stream of salted tears

almost drowns itself within the stream of all its fears

And one withered flower struggles to stay alive

its crippled petalled buds strive to survive

Its root is fragile-no chance of repair

The flower bows down as it's stung by ignorance with no

kindness and care

Oh dear society,

Thou shalt not leave us distraught

who are you to judge what we are and what we're not

In a mind of yours, lie laws of inhumanity,

The chaos you've created reveal your mad insanity

O society, society

Enough is enough

We choose who we are and our beauty

We look up and catch sight of a distant pathway

The blinding light illuminating the track- the track thats

brighter than summer's day

Guiding us forward to a better road through a gateway

What lies after are waves of misty curly clouds and beauty one

can't resist.

The lights shining bright like moonlight through the fog

What lies after is of great wealth

A nation of flowers who possess great health

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