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A Little Present From Future

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

by Afra Alfalahi

Every life has a story, and each contains chapters with conflicts and plots. However, many people decide to end it early. They realize that they have nothing to write about, and as their ink slowly dries, they tend to give up, break the pen and leave the rest of the pages blank. A young girl was blending her own life even in her own story with the audience. She felt like a side character in her own book, and with fear ensnaring her tongue making her unable to speak, she sat down quietly absorbed in the shadows. She longed to end this story of hers to rip old pages, old regrets, and scribble on the bad memories she had gone through. How just the thought of the upcoming days strangled her every day before she went to sleep. Secretly hoping for a better tomorrow, it was as though she already envisioned the future, and what she saw made falling asleep even harder, not wanting the night to end. She befriended the man in the moon and sang with the stars. She stood by the window, watched the night sky, and kept a close eye on the second star on the right the man in the moon told her about. She hoped Peter Pan would soon show up to take her to Neverland. She felt as though she belonged with the lost boys. Behind all this make-believe, she felt as though there is some reality. The idea of eternity and a never coming future, where she could live forever young put her sound asleep. Waking up seemed even more challenging for her. The evil sun blinded her, and the ever so gray and cold clouds suffocated her. Insomnia has become her only savior, like an owl she only sang when night fell. She blamed her past and worried about the future. Therefore, she relied on the present and shared all her concerns with it. One day the moon decided to disappear, leaving the nights dark as they depend and are illuminated only by the light of celestial objects. She felt troubled and upset and blamed the future for all that had happened. The same day she gathered all the courage to speak up to the past and the future with the help of the present.

Dear past, it’s I here

How I long to speak to you

How I really want to hear

What you went through

And what you felt, my dear

The time quickly flew

Dear future, it's I here

I cannot help myself to look at you

And not fear

You’re a mystery, and I have no clue

You seem so far but near

Once you arrive, you don’t accept any undoing

Dear present I am you

And you are me

What we do

Is who we will be

It’s just us two

Can’t you see

The past holds our secret

And the future is our enemy

ready to reveal it

both are breaking us mentally

Can we really quit

Or will things get better eventually

Dear present I also am afraid

Of the mistakes I made previously

And those that will be made

That I will regret immediately

I constantly prayed

For things not to end hideously

Dear present I need you to hear me

I can’t seem to think straight

I’m drowning in my thoughts, can’t you see

And consumed by self-hate

I am begging I am on my knees

I cannot continue to wait

Dear present help out

Why are you not answering my cries?

Do you need me to shout?

All I want is replies

I am starting to doubt

Your promises were all lies

DEAR PRESENT where did you go

Future is near

and past is now our foe

my fear is starting to reappear

it’s holding on to me, not letting go

things are getting really severe


Insanity has gotten a hold of me

I feel a rush of panic attack

It’s not letting me free

Everything now is white and black

And right in the corner of my eyes was he

Long arms waving smoothly

Calm voice so alluring

Surprisingly it started to soothe me

It all felt reassuring

I held on to his arms loosely

His eyes seemed so alluring




Dear present, it is I future now

I was he who got a hold of her

It was I who made a vow

To come sooner than later

So, I can remove the wrinkles from her brow

She frowned all the time she thought you were her savior

Dear present, I am merely time

I never come

I do not commit crime

Where I am from

Is most worthy most sublime

Not any kind of dirty city slum

She always feared the future and the past

Little did she realize it was you present

Who harassed her as time passed

You made her feel unpleasant

It was you who asked

To make her life miserable while disguising as a depressant

Dear present, you are yesterday, tomorrow and today

You are the reason behind regrets and soon to be mistakes

You are the one and only thing that will stay

You are the reason the person grows or breaks

You are present every day

All outcomes are from the present choices; it’s you who does not accept retakes

As she held future's hand and walked across the unknown path, she looked up to meet the eyes of what she thought was the devil itself. Future, with both tips of his lips reaching closer to his dark beady yet captivating eyes, held out his hands. He walked with her slowly, pacing his long legs with hers into the never-ending abyss. She had so many questions, and he had all the answers. However, instead of telling her, he showed her. Three doors stood firm in front of her, with two of them labeled, past and future, leaving the third door empty. She held on the golden knob of the first door, past, and opened it. The loud creak filled the room and ringed into her ears. Within the door was a montage of her past life. Suddenly she gets a feeling, more than mere reminiscing, but a bittersweet dream, the nostalgia feeling, as though what she saw were lost memories. The innumerable butterflies in her stomach made her feel unpleasant but addicted. It was as though she longed to stay in the past forever. She felt a cold grip on her shoulder and turned to see Future waiting for her to continue their journey. Leaving the past was so difficult for her. With each step, the memories slowly faded. She finally reached and decided to open the door to the future. Unlike the previous door, she trembled and quivered like a fluttering flame of a burning and curious candle just by the thought of looking into the future. She finally gathered all the courage to open it. Rather than the irksome noise she previously heard opening the previous door, this door made a rather symphonic sound. A cold breeze rushed out of the door, and inside was… complete darkness?

Mr. Future, why is my future empty?

All I see is darkness, absent of any glint of light

Did something happen to me?

This does not seem right

Do you not agree?

It is a very alarming sight

Little girl, before you come up with any conclusions

Open the third and final door

It will clear up all your confusions

And answer all the questions you had before

I promise I won’t play tricks or illusions

Nothing can hurt you anymore

She looked at the third door, confused. Unlike the previous doors, it was incomplete and falling apart. She opened the door and looked inside. The adrenaline feeling had disappeared into thin air as she laid eyes on what seemed like a gift. Uncertain of what was happening, she was perplexed. Leaning towards it, she untangled the knotted beautiful silky ribbon and took the lid off. She took a glance inside the box and saw a reflection of herself. Every move she made it copied; every sound she spoke it copied. She looked back to Future, but he was nowhere to be seen. She stood up and dashed out of the door room. He was nowhere to be found. The thought of her being alone with her thoughts in this cold place made her shudder. Crying for help, not even her echoes replied. She took a deep breath and opened the door to the future once more, and to her surprise, rather than empty darkness, the same gift box was there. Placed the same way she kept it. She went back and forth between the future door and the unknown door, and every action taken in the mysterious room affected the future room. She took a final glance at the mirror in the box and saw Future standing beside her. The wrinkles on her brow suddenly disappeared, replacing them with the biggest smile on her face due to the unexpected feeling of epiphany rushing through her body. She nodded and decided that she was ready to go back. The unknown door shut behind her, and a sudden label appeared on the door, the present.

Dear present, it is I once more

I just had a little talk with Future

He showed me things I never knew before

The girl that no one knew her

Has now so much in store

What was once unclear is no more a blur

Dear present, I never knew

That it was you responsible for all the outcomes

I did not have a single clue

All the missing pieces and crumbs

Are all intact now and held with glue

Old enemies, past and future, have become chums

Past is history, and future is destiny

While present is a product of two divisions

Past and future may be present, but no one can see

Since they both are the result of present decisions

It is who I am, not who I was nor who I will be

I should focus on the moment, not memories and visions

I realized present was a gift

And not as bad as I thought you were

Before confronting you, I decided to sift

Through all my emotions, leaving all my wounds to suture

With the help, of course, of the one who gave my mood a lift

It was a little Present from Future

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