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To Me of Days to Come

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

by Haneen Maree

To me of days to come

How are you doing?

What have we become?

Are you still afraid of the dark? Is your mind still in a slum?

Or did you proudly prove that to our fears you did not succumb?

I hope that you’re remembering to look at the sky

I hope that you no longer wish that you’d die

I hope that you’re surrounded with love and care

and that you no longer feel broken beyond repair

I hope that you keep those who love you near

and that you don’t shut them away out of fear

I hope that your kindness and love are still there

and that your warm heart shelters people everywhere

I hope that your smile would rarely fade

and that if it does, your faith would aid

I pray that your past no longer haunts you

and that you no longer suffocate in the path you walk through

To me of days to come

I wish you everything that I am not, and everything that I want to be

To heal all our cuts, to live happily

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