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The Little Dream Heroine

Updated: May 31, 2019

By Humaira Abdul Rahim

There was a little girl,

filled with dreams as bright as the sun,

shining through the ocean of pearls like a unique brittle pearl,

she was determined to fulfill her dreams in the long run.

She lived in the midst of a hopeless misery,

in an ocean bursting with guns and flowing red water,

where thousands like her were filled with helpless misery.

She desired to be a fighter, for the sake of the ones like her.

She dreamt of being a little heroine of her own,

to rescue the pearls of the vast ocean from the injustice of racism and sexism.

To avoid the pearls from the moan,

she dreamt of being their symbol of heroism.

Her dreams weaved like a bright sunray on the ocean’s surface,

in her very own little world of fantasy,

where peace and justice saw prevalence over the sufferings and injustice,

through the bloody ocean triumphantly.

As the night would conquer over the lifeless day,

and the habitants of the ocean would fall into a deep sleep,

sitting next to the deep blue sea and the moon rays,

she would dream of a dream where she is the woman of the hour in glee.

I wonder, will this fearless, bold and brave little girl, become a heroine of her own?

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