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12 Ways to Lose an Argument

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

by Noor H. Sherazi

We hosted Dr. Daniel Frederick’s Writing Center Workshop titled “12 Ways to Lose an Argument” on Monday, October 21st. Around 17 students attended and learned about the 12 Point System and how it can be used in their argumentative essays. The workshop began with a discussion about the different types of arguments and the distinction between opinions and facts. Dr. Frederick then introduced the four categories of the system: situation, blame, cure, and cost. He explained that for each of these we should ask “is this happening?”, “what do we call it?”, and “how good or bad is it?”. While the information derived from this process is important, Dr. Frederick also advised against using all of it at once. “I would use this as a brainstorming method”, he said, “then think: what “box” is really center?”. The 12 Point System is a thinking tool more than anything else and when used correctly, considering the most relevant sections, is sure to help you build a strong argument.

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